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Improve the educational outcomes for African-American, Hispanic-Latino and low income students to close the student achievement gap and increase the high school, and post-secondary graduation rates, including technical and/or college graduation. 

Priority:  A system that educates African-American, Hispanic-Latino and low income students so that they graduate high school with the skills and knowledge to succeed in life through: high quality early childhood programs and K-12 schools; first-class teacher and administrator recruitment, education and retention programs; incentives for teaching in an urban environment; and honoring and encouraging family involvement in education.

Economic Development
Increase and sustain economic self-sufficiency and wealth building opportunities for people of color.
Priority:  Availability of high quality, affordable housing opportunities
for both ownership and rental and the promotion of safe, livable
and healthy neighborhoods;

Priority:  Job training and opportunities for advancement of people of color; an increase in the minimum wage; and the offering of a self-sufficient living wage;

Reduce racial health disparities, and expand awareness of and equal access to quality health care to improve health, wellness, treatment and outcomes for people of color.

Priority:  Addressing the social context of racial health disparities through: creation of a statewide Community Advisory Board on Health Disparities; increased prevention and health education services that are culturally and linguistically appropriate; and addressing the lack of access to treatment options, insurance, health education and prevention services.

Civil Rights
Create a more equitable and just society that provides freedom from discrimination based upon one’s race or ethnicity.     

Priority:  Creation of a criminal justice system that is fair, unbiased and humane in arrest, charging, trial, sentencing, detention, incarceration and parole; and encouraging full participation in the democratic process through voter registration and education; a fair and accessible elections process; and civic education that educates citizens on their rights, opportunities and obligations.

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