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  Quality of Life: Health Disparities



Health disparities in Delaware

A black newborn in Delaware is expected to live 72.1 years, while a white newborn is expected to live 77.1 years.

A difference of five years. A black female newborn is expected to live 74.4 years as opposed to a white female newborn, who is expected to live 79.5 years. A black male newborn has the lowest life expectancy at 69.5 years compared to a white male newborn at 74.6. As Figure 1.1 shows, life expectancy for both black males and black females has steadily climbed in since 1979. Both black males and black females improved far more than their white counterparts but still lag significantly behind both whites and the all race, all sex averages. While the black female trails the average white female life expectancy by just over four years, it is the black male that is behind all of the groups, including black females, by almost five years. The differences in life expectancy are directly related to differences in mortality for a wide range of diseases. This report is intended to highlight the problems and challenges associated with health disparities among the races.

The issue of health disparity is of concern to all of us. It affects each of us as individuals and as a society in general. Differences in the length of our life and the quality of life are largely influenced by health. Both impact the contribution that any member of society is likely to make. At the outset it is important to understand that there are two different views of what is meant by health disparities and both are valid. The first view deals largely with early death.

Download the Health Disparities Report in Delaware. Click Here.

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