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  Youth Empowerment: Achievement Matters!



Our Achievement Matters! program is focused on reducing the achievement gap and increasing the graduation rates among students residing the 19801 zip code and attending Bayard Middle School. We serve approximately 75 middle school students.

In addition to development of lesson plans and student success plans, to compliment the work of the Achievement Coaches, the web-based instructional tool, Skills Tutor was implemented at the Achiever’s Academy in 2008. Since its implementation it has been used as an academic re-enforcer to complement daily reading, writing, and math classroom programming. This software has the ability to pinpoint student areas of academic deficiencies and prescribe specific, individualized lessons and activities to assist in the growth and development of these areas of need.

In comparing two marking period reports, we have seen:

20% increased performance in math
45% increased performance in language arts
52% increased performance in social studies
45% increased performance in science

Why Achievement Matters?
Why Achievement Matters!? We believe that everyone has a responsibility to assure that the necessary resources (human and financial) are available to close the educational achievement gap, and that all students are prepared for life beyond high school, whether it be in college, the military, or in the work force

How did we select your child?
Intermediate/middle school is where students begin to experience many things that could affect their interest in education and/or their ability to do well on tests. Studies have shown that there is a profound impact on academic achievement when large numbers of low income and minority students are concentrated in one school. The MWUL met with the CSD and Bancroft Elementary staff to identify students in the 19801 zip code who would benefit from the Achievement Matters! Campaign. In addition, working with a group of students who would potentially stay together from 6th grade through graduation would make it easier to provide service, monitor, track, and report successes.

What will we be asked to do?
To participate in the campaign, you must complete the student application form, and, a release of information form. In addition, you and your child must sign an agreement to participate in the program and Achievement Matters! activities that support academic and social achievement. During those times when the parent cannot participate, we will have an advocate to act in the parent’s place…not as the parent, but as an advocate.

What are the goals of the program?
More than 70% of the jobs in the next 10 years will require some form of post high school education. Our goal is to assure that your child understands achievement does matter, and it is important to be successful in school. The core objective of Achievement Matters! is to:
Create an environment where achievement does matter regardless of one’s neighborhood, school, or circumstance. Reduce the educational achievement gap and increase the graduation rate of minority and low income students. Prepare students for post-secondary education or entry into the workforce. Compliment what is already being planned and implemented by the District, (such as the Avid Program, HOSTS program, etc).

What serviuces wil be provided?
The MWUL Education Advisory Council identified 22 factors linked to successful educational outcomes. Achievement Matters! will focus on three priority areas clearly linked to academic success:
Parent and third party advocacy recruitment and development

Out-of-School programs/activities

Teacher recruitment and effectiveness

After-School, Summer, and Community Programs – Throughout the year, students will be exposed to a variety of supports, including tutoring and mentoring programs, to help them improve their skills. The MWUL will collaborate with existing community groups and our own auxiliary group, the MWUL Young Professionals (“YP’s”).


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Achievement Matters!



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